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AgriECO is a national newspaper supplement that contains agricultural and forestry as well as ecological editorial content broken down into seven areas around the country. The total national footprint has a combined print order of over 355 000 copies, making it the largest combined agriculture publication in the country. Each area's supplement incorporates news generated by local journalists who cover events and stories applicable to the local farming, eco-tourism and forestry community. In addition to this local content, the supplements also contain national articles written by highly qualified agricultural experts and also the latest released market tendencies from renowned experts in the field. Community newspapers form an integral part of building local relationships; therefore a large portion of the publication is distributed as an insert inside the local papers of selected towns.

You will find the AgriECO supplement in the first week of the month in these newspapers. It is well known that farmers buy their local paper when entering their nearest town and these days many farmers stay in town and perform their daily farming on farms close by. Local weekly newspapers are still the one print medium that shows significant growth in the market and therefore this medium is the ideal platform. In addition to the above, a number of bulk drops are also placed at selected destinations, which include local agricultural businesses and auction sites. This wide and effective distribution method ensures that farmers in each identified area receive a newspaper, which addresses informative agricultural issues which is applicable to their day-to-day working environment.

This makes AgriECO an excellent medium for both local and national advertisers of which the clientele in the local farming community forms an integral part. The breakdown of the total print order into different areas makes advertising affordable for local businesses that only want to reach consumers within a certain footprint, but also allows a national advertiser to reach a large margin of consumers in multiple areas in which they operate. National advertisers can select any combination of publications in which it wants to advertise, with a discount structure when more than one publication is selected. AgriECO is operating under a JV agreement between Caxton Newspapers and Orion Theron. Orion Theron has years of experience in the agricultural market which includes commercial experience on a national and international level. As a farmer himself, he can relate to the daily requirements of the farming communities and will continuously request applicable in-season content from agricultural experts.

The first publication of AgriECO hit the streets in the first week of March 2011 and was only launched in five areas, but within the first year Zululand and Central RSA were added. From day one the publication was well received by readers and advertisers and the publications's continuous growth exceeded the highest expectations. Our mission is to expand our footprint with the objective of reaching more people and to continue to provide quality content to our readers. We hope that you as an AgriECO reader can find our content inspiring and useful in your daily needs and we would love to improve on our communication with our loyal followers. So please go to our contact page and send us an email or become an AgriECO Facebook or Twitter friend, as we would love to hear from you.
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