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Boelie is on retirement
09:32 (GMT+2), Thu , 10 July 2014
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Boelie sure does seem very happy at his new home and WO Meyer will be visiting his old partner often.
Ladysmith - Mandy Killian
Boelie the dog, who worked with Warrant Officer Jacques Meyer of the Ladysmith K9 Unit for eight years, has retired. Boelie was the first search and rescue dog in Ladysmith when he started working here in 2006.
Boelie was born in Cape Town in 2004 and was donated to the K9 Dog School in Pretoria. Both Boelie and WO Meyer were born in April, so there is an extra special connection between the two of them.
When Boelie was two years old, he was old enough to go to work. Both WO Meyer and Boelie had to go for a five-month training course in Pretoria in order to work as search and rescue officers.
Together, they worked on many cases, most of which were drownings. They also looked for missing persons and conducted area searches to locate dead bodies. WO Meyer says that, “He was an excellent dog. He was always top-of-the-range and he always found the person he was looking for. Now that he is older, the work is very strenuous on him, so it is better for him to retire. After eight years of hard work, he can relax.”
Now that Boelie is retired, he will be spending his days running around a big yard. This is a completely new environment for him, as he previously lived at the kennels at the K9 Unit.
Boelie has gone to live with the Savage family, who are related to WO Meyer.
Natalie Savage said that, “There have been lots of break-ins in our area and we wanted a dog for the extra security.”
The family have two cats and they are still getting used to this big dog, and Boelie is still getting used to them. Boelie has free run of the garden the whole day and when the family gets home, he also has the house to roam around in.
However, he sleeps outside to ensure the safety of his new family.
When a journalist from the Ladysmith Gazette went to see him at his new home, he was having loads of fun playing with the children. “The kids love him! Our daughter, Tamara, is usually a pain to get up in the mornings, but since Boelie arrived, she is excited to go see him in the mornings. She loves animals and hopes to be a vet when she grows up. Boelie is going to bring lots of joy to our family.”

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