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Adverse weather conditions affect animals
09:37 (GMT+2), Thu , 10 July 2014
Northern KZN
As severe weather conditions grip parts of our country and a winter freeze is expected throughout South Africa, the National Council of SPCAs appeals to everyone to be vigilant and to undertake special care with regard to animals.
Individual SPCAs have been asked to make contact with traffic services and disaster management so that they can be alerted if any roads become impassable and vehicles transporting animals become snowed in or trapped.
All animals are affected by the current harsh weather conditions. Feed is of great importance, especially to farm and wild animals if snow or flooding have compromised the availability of grazing. Supplementary feed must be provided if natural food is unobtainable.
All animals should have access to potable water. Sick, weak or injured animals must be brought under or preferably into shelter. Blankets, sacks or even hay bales can be used as protection for the animals if no other options exist.
The public is asked to be extremely cautious as tragedies have occurred in the past such as a small animal seeking warmth, finding its way under a vehicle engine and losing its life. Check under vehicles and inside engines, if need be, to avoid tragedies of this nature.
All incidents should be reported to the nearest SPCA and if assistance is required kindly be specific as to how many animals, where they are, what the needs and requirements are, etc. Please report situations of concern telephonically as Facebook and e-mails may not be monitored around the clock. carries the contact numbers of all SPCAs in South Africa.

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