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Bring on the Brahman bulls
09:39 (GMT+2), Thu , 10 July 2014
Northern KZN
Zinhle Zulu, who achieved an almost perfect score as a Brahman judge.
On June 5, the annual Brahman Grading Course was held at Clan William Brahman Farm. Mr Bill van Lelyveldt, the owner, facilitated the grading course.
All 36 matriculants first had to learn about the physical attributes and conformation of a Brahman bull and cow. The next step in the theory part was to differentiate between a good breeding animal and a weaker animal.
Once the theory had been completed, the practical session started. The learners were divided into groups, each with a skilled facilitator. They moved to the holding camps, each camp holding five Brahmans.
The learners had to inspect and judge each animal and rate the cattle on a scale of one to five. They had to justify their decisions on their assessments. After completion of the course, the top student of the day was announced. We congratulate Miss Zinhle Zulu, who achieved an almost perfect score.
This course forms part of the matriculants’ agriculture year mark. Each learner will also receive a certificate as proof of having completed the course. We thank Mr Bill van Lelyveldt and all the facilitators for a most enriching day.

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