Only shooting with a camera allowed
21:08 (GMT+2), Thu , 07 August 2014
Larry Bentley

THE Zimanga Private Game Reserve situated between the Jozini turnoff and Mkuze on the N2, is proving popular since opening up its gates to the public just on a month ago.

Unlike other reserves in the area, the only shooting allowed in this reserve is with a camera and those who have made the trip to the reserve have not been disappointed.

No self-drive game drives are allowed and guests are accompanied by a professional game guide with extensive photography knowledge.

The aim of the visit is all about photography and opportunities are around almost every corner.

The biggest attractions though are the bird hides which allow for photographs to be taken at ground level.

The planned vulture restaurant and lagoon hides will be awesome, taking photography to a new level.

Situated to allow for ideal lighting and unobtrusive backgrounds, the photographer has the best opportunity possible to get that great shot.

They have had excellent opportunities to capture the animals and birdlife from close range.

What is really special though is while the photographer gets close to the animals, they are still wild and unpredictable.

This adds to the element of achievement when getting that special shot.

The one-way glass in the hides make for unobtrusive photography, thus getting animal or bird behaviour without impacting on the wildlife.

The hides are constructed from metal plates which are buried in the ground and have limited space, thus making air conditioning, what could be considered a luxury, a necessity.

Wheeled office-type chairs add to the photographer’s comfort.

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