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Farm school graduates unite for a celebration of education
13:33 (GMT+2), Wed , 13 February 2013
Northern KZN
Graham McIntosh is pictured with some of the individuals whose primary school education was started at a farm school.
Almost 100 people who have benefited from the schools established on farms attended the celebration, which honoured past and present learners.

Member of Parliament Graham McIntosh, who owns the farm, was instrumental in establishing primary schools on farms since the late 1960's.
To date he has helped build and support three primary schools - Emngwenya Primary School (assisted his brother Derek), a lower primary school in Mkolombe, Weenen in the 1980's and the Malanspruit Junior Primary School.
These schools have been the education foundation for hundreds of farm workers' children since then.
To ensure that high school education preceded, Mr McIntosh offered financial assistance to some farm workers for school fees and transport costs.

In addition he also provided interest free loans for tertiary education.
The road to education has been a success story for some of these children, who are employed in big companies and have pursued interesting careers.

On January 1, 2013 the 'celebration of education' ceremony was to honour these individuals and recount the farm workers' primary school success story.
In his speech, Mr McIntosh concluded by saying: "Let us be thankful to God for blessings in our lives, let us remember that God helps those who help themselves. We also must not forget the needs of people less fortunate than ourselves. That is God's command. People need a hand up in life, not just a handout. Congratulations to all of you. In your own way you have made a huge contribution to uplifting our nation."

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