Rossgro breeds quality poultry
18:20 (GMT+2), Wed , 10 September 2014
Rossgro Group is one of the country's leading farming groups where they lead by traditional values and manage with the kind of passion that you have come to expect from the Rossouw family. "Our farming lineage stretches as far back 1964 when Chris Rossouw Sr. developed his zeal for farming and agriculture. In 1980 Farm Geluk was established as head office, and still operates as such today with the entire Rossouw family at the helm," says marketing manager Daniel Fickling. "Our success has been endorsed by our belief in diversifying our products and investing in the backbone of all our endeavours, our employees. And we have the highest qualified nutritionist who formulate our feed." Rossgro is a family owned business who prides themselves around service. The company has been selling feed and eggs in White River for just under 10 years. "We believe in delivering extra-ordinary products and ensuring that quality control is always at the forefront of our processes. For this reason, we have integrated all production processes under one roof guaranteeing total quality management, whilst making us one of the most efficient farming groups in South Africa. Our strategically located facilities, ensuring that input costs are kept low. We pride ourselves on superseding industry-led quality and safety standards. As part of our partnership ethos, we offer increased supply-chain service capabilities and coordination as well as remaining flexible and responsive. As a value-added service we offer complete traceability of all our products, targeted risk management programmes and purchasing plans," according to Fickling. Rearing for their own use, Rossgro also pack and distribute all their products. "Our layers supply South Africa with the best quality eggs. We have our own parent flock and these eggs are used for the hatching of our point of lay hens." Rossgro Feeds is the group's own feed mill where they produce AFMA approved feed products for own internal use and to supply direct to the local farmers. Enquiries: 087-943-8909 or 082-805-1143 or e-mail: eggs@rossgro.co.za

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