Sugar mill grinds to a halt
16:29 (GMT+2), Wed , 24 September 2014
Larry Bentley

FARMERS supplying the Amatikulu Sugar Mill outside Gingindlovu have been told to stop cane deliveries until further notice.

This is not the first time this season, as various breakdowns, including a conveyor belt fire, has held up production this year.

The reason for the stoppage this time, however, is the lack of water at the mill.

Farmers have only delivered around 75% of their cane to the mill this year and they do not believe they are going to be able to deliver their full quota if the mill closes for the season at the end of November, a mere two months down the line.

There are no contingency plans at the moment for the mill’s water supply and the farmers have been told to ‘wait and see’.

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