eShowe sleuths nail rhino poachers
16:30 (GMT+2), Wed , 24 September 2014
Larry Bentley

A NORMAL game drive in the Kruger National Park took an unusual turn for eShowe resident Haley Dahl and her two friends who became suspicious of other visitors in the park.

Last Tuesday afternoon they were watching a black rhino drinking at a watering hole, when another vehicle pulled up.

The occupants took photographs of the rhino and they moved on.

Dahl’s group in turn took photographs of the vehicle as it was leaving and noted that there were four men inside.

After about an hour later they caught up to the vehicle near Satara camp and noticed only two occupants in the car.

Haley realised that the other two must have disembarked and were on foot in the bush.

They made contact with the park authorities and phoned the rhino anti-poaching hotline and took more photographs of the vehicle as they followed it for about 20km.

The authorities have given Haley feedback, confirming that all four are suspected rhino poachers and had been arrested.

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