Undying spirit and dedication reap award
15:16 (GMT+2), Mon , 09 November 2015
Anthony Goble.
For years, Toyota South Africa Motors  has sponsored two coveted awards in the agriculture industry. The Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year and Toyota New Harvest of the Year awards were presented to the winners at a gala event in Johannesburg and both winners drove away in their brand-new Toyota Hilux 2.5D-4D single cabs. The vehicle is worth over
R300 000 and will be fitted with accessories to the value of R18 000

Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year

Anthony Goble, a farmer of KwaZulu-Natal walked away with the honours of 2015 Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year award.
Goble farms sugar cane, bananas and macadamias in the Ndwedwe region of KwaZulu-Natal. He has numerous farms which he manages, comprising his own and rented land from other farmers.
Goble is very detail-orientated which has allowed him to make many improvements to his farms. He is currently also assisting the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI) with sugar cane trials.
He is focused on the development and upliftment of others and has trained his staff to be in a position to manage various aspects of the farms.
His teams’ hard work and dedication has made them the envy of most. He is also most involved in his community and assists wherever he can.
Goble remarked that young farmers should be seen as agents of change and hope with regard to political and technological issues, and that they should continuously strive to be more efficient with their resources.
“Goble has excellent strategic business-thinking skills and his relevant educational background and practical understanding of farming has ensured his success,” commented Prof Carlu van der Westhuizen.
The evaluations were done by a panel of well-known agricultural specialists led by Prof. Carlu van der Westhuizen, agricultural production economist, Department of Agriculture and Central University of Technology; Prof John Annandale, agronomist, Department of Plant Production and Soil Science and University of Pretoria and Prof Louw Hoffman, distinguished professor in meat science, Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch.

Toyota New Harvest of the Year

Jacky Goliath, a farmer of the Western Cape, was honoured with the 2015 Toyota New Harvest of the Year award.
Goliath was nominated by the Western Cape branch of the African Farmers’ Association of South Africa. She has horticulturist training and with this in hand and a most supportive business partner, she has become a successful plum farmer. From having 1 000 plants in 2001 to over 600 000, she has proved that hard work and perseverance triumph against all odds. Goliath is also focused on quality which has gained her big-name clients like Woolworths, Keith Kirsten and Massmart. She is also preparing to increase her export business to Europe.
“Farming is challenging and running a farm is not an easy task.
Farmers have to plan and prepare for every eventuality, including changing weather conditions, environmental factors and demand fluctuations; and when it happens, to implement plans very quickly. We salute farmers like Goliath who rise above the challenges and succeed due to sheer perseverance and unrelenting spirit,” adds Hamman.
“We congratulate all the finalists who were nominated. That in itself is a huge achievement. We wish Jacky all the best for the future and many happy journeys in her Hilux,” concludes Hamman.

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