Stellar pickup scoops a gold
15:20 (GMT+2), Mon , 09 November 2015
 Ford Ranger was ranked as the best one-ton single-cab light commercial-vehicle brand. This according to the 2015 Ipsos South Africa Product Quality Awards and it was rewarded with a segment-best result and gold award, and earned silver in the double-cab category.
The Ford Ranger earned a gold award in the diesel single-cab category, while the Ford Focus Hatch received gold as the most-improved volume passenger car.
“The Product Quality Awards are a testimony to Ford’s unwavering global commitment to producing vehicles of the highest standard, and offering outstanding customer service,” says Fiona Smith, director of quality for Ford Middle East and Africa. Based on the latest results, the Ranger pickup, which is produced at Ford’s Silverton assembly plant in Pretoria and exported to 148 markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, achieved a problems per 100 (PP100) score of 33. In the light commercial vehicle ‘Brand’ category awards, Ford was top of the charts with a class-leading PP100 of 32.
The 2015 Ipsos South Africa Product Quality Awards are based on studies using telephonic interviews with over 30 000 vehicle owners over a 12-month period, from January to December 2014. The customer’s purchasing and service experiences are measured 10 to 35 days after delivery, while product quality interviews take place 90 days from purchase.
The surveys have three components, comprising a competitive customer experience benchmarking measurement of both the sales and service satisfaction of customers within the franchised dealership network, along with a benchmarking of product quality with rankings based on problems per 100 vehicles.
Since 2011 the industry average PP100 is around the 30 to 40 mark, according to Ipsos SA which, along with its forerunner, Synovate, has been involved in competitive customer satisfaction surveys since 1991.

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