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Dog survives brutal farm attack
09:59 (GMT+2), Thu , 07 April 2016
Northern KZN

An elderly couple were attacked and robbed on Sunday, March 6, at their farmhouse near Bergville.  The brutal farm attack has sent shock waves through the farming community.
The farmer, aged 72, had just gotten home and parked his bakkie at about 5pm when two armed men approached him.
As he had one of his dogs with him, the other farm dog came running, at which point one of the robbers callously shot the dog, seriously injuring it. One of the gunmen then pistol-whipped the 72-year-old farmer.  It is believed that the gunmen then went into the farmhouse, keeping the farmer with them. A trail of blood marked the farmer’s passage through the house. At this stage, two more suspects joined them.
The farmer’s wife, a 66-year-old lady in a wheelchair, was savagely punched in the face.
They then threw her from her wheelchair to the ground and dragged her across the blood-splattered passage. At least one more shot was fired in the house, as another empty 9mm shell was found by the forensic team. During the robbery, the farmer was forced to open his gun safe. The robbers escaped the scene with cash, an iPhone, personal documents and two pistols. They left behind rifles belonging to the farmer and fled on foot. The shocked victims were left with no communication to the outside world. However, they managed to find an old cell-phone and called a friend, who immediately contacted Secure SA.  Secure SA in turn immediately contacted police and emergency services. “Even though they are not clients of ours, we mobilised all the resources at our disposal to assist the elderly couple,” explained Secure SA’s Mark Pitout. Police and Sharaj Ambulance Services responded to the scene, and paramedics treated the elderly couple. Police, including elite members of the K9 Unit, and forensic experts were on scene late into the night. A massive police manhunt involving dogs continued through the night.
The brave dog that had been wounded was transported to a nearby vet.
The dog was shot as it was desperately trying to save its master. The bullet went straight through the dog’s shoulder and exited through the stomach. The dog was successfully treated.

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