Northern KZN
Man arrested by police for raping dog and livestock
10:01 (GMT+2), Thu , 07 April 2016
Northern KZN

A 20-year-old man has allegedly admitted to raping a dog on December 16 last year.
This after a local psychiatrist and Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) workers paid him a visit on Monday, March 14.
The local psychiatrist approached Annamarie Koen of the AACL after people from the Wasbank area told her about a suspect who had allegedly been raping animals.
The psychiatrist asked the league to go and speak to the community, since they were furious and traumatised after hearing about the brutal acts of bestiality.
Annamarie was told by the devastated owner of the dog what the man had allegedly done to her pet.
On hearing about the gross cruelty of the act, the psychiatrist and Annamarie spoke to the man and his mother.
The man allegedly admitted to everything, including raping goats in the area as well.
“Justice must prevail, because perverse acts like this are unacceptable,” said a distraught Annamarie.
The owner of the dog, as well as AACL workers, went to Ekuvukeni police station, where Annamarie opened a case of cruelty to animals.
The man was arrested and appeared in court on Wednesday, March 16.
The dog was evidently a playful animal, but now is quiet and subdued.
It is unclear how many livestock the man had claimed to have sexually assaulted in the area.

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