Northern KZN
Massive python caught
07:53 (GMT+2), Tue , 10 May 2016
Northern KZN

A  huge, 3.5-metre long African Rock Python was caught in Chisty Place, Aloe Park, Ladysmith, on Thursday, April 14.
Youngsters were walking along in the area when they noticed the huge snake slithering from the road into veld.
They ran to a nearby lodge, where an employee phoned snake catcher Mr Zam Paulik for assistance. Mr Paulik responded immediately and managed to find the massive reptile.
When Mr Paulik arrived, the snake was feeding on a dassie. The snake, feeling threatened, spat out the animal.
Brave Mr Paulik quickly captured the snake and released it in a nature reserve.
People living in the area are concerned, as they fear there may be other huge snakes slithering around.

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