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Farmers celebrate miracle birth of foals
08:57 (GMT+2), Tue , 10 May 2016
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In the story of Noah’s Ark, the animals came in two by two.
This Biblical story takes on a new meaning after a farm horse at the Ark in Normandien gave birth to twin foals on April 3.
Dirk Winterbach Junior was overjoyed at this miraculous occurrence.
“It’s my first time seeing something like this, and many people will never see it in their lifetime.”
Statistically, research indicates about 80 per cent of equine twin conceptions end in the death of one or both the foals, and complications for the mare are numerous.
“The mare and foals can end up infertile as a result,” Dirk explained.
The odds against twin foals are truly stacked.
Yet, in spite of this, Princess is doing a great job of caring for both her foals, and Dirk believes in letting nature take its course.
Apart from milk for the weaker of the twins, he has allowed the horses to interact naturally.
“We sometimes put one of the foals into the kraal, so the mother can bond better with both.” Dirk believes the foals will grow up strong like their parents, (cattle-herding horse) Princess and (Normandien’s fastest racehorse) Champion. “I believe he has passed on his good genetics to the foals.”
Adding his thoughts, Dirk Winterbach Senior said he didn’t believe the news of twin foals at first, because it happens so rarely.
The family is now waiting patiently as their miracle foals get stronger each day.

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