An update on the Lowveld fire season
11:26 (GMT+2), Mon , 08 August 2016

The beginning of the 2016 fire season saw a variety predictions from a number of sources, offering opinions which ranged from a mild to a severe season. A number stated that the effects of the El Niño had dropped the ground water levels to an all-time low, affecting the availability of water to combat fires and drying out the fuel load more than normal while others argued that the lack of rain hadvresulted in a lower fuel level in plants due to slow growth. 

Now that we are two months into the official fire season you can draw your own conclusions. July should have seen all landowners completing their firebreaks and preparations to combat any wildfires on their property. Equipment and training of staff should have been completed and fire prevention plans finalised.

Unfortunately, the winter fire season has just begun and, as has been demonstrated a number of times, the threat of widespread fires really only becomes serious during the latter part of the fire season. To this end the Lowveld and Escarpment Fire Protection Association (Lefpa) has tightened up on permit allowances. They have stated that they will not be issuing random permits and checks and balances will be put in place for landowners accountable for lack of attention to wildfires. 

“Although this fire season has not yet raised its ugly head,” said André Scheepers, Lefpa manager, ”we are anticipating the threat of fire to increase in the months to follow. The year-to-date has been comparable to previous years, but we are not yet counting ourselves lucky to have got away with a mild season.”
If you have not yet experienced the threat of fire, or have not planned your fire season, it is not too late. 

“Rudamans can help you get up to speed with your fire preparations," said Wayne Jackaman, CEO of Rudamans. “We have trained staff in fire prevention; they will assist you in acquiring what you need to best protect yourself and your assets. 

“Additionally, Rudamans stocks a wide range of fire-season gear and equipment. We are aware that equipment gets lost or broken due to use, or simply needs a service. Don’t put your life and those of your workers and family at risk.”

Perhaps that is the most important thing to consider - without the correct equipment to protect those things most important to you, you are putting them in danger and it is always wise to remember that cost-cutting costs lives. 

Call Rudamans now on 013-753-3631, or visit them at 1 Plankie Street. 


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