Preserving a future for all
08:19 (GMT+2), Fri , 02 September 2016

Elana Greyling

Groups of women from Shongoane and Marapong came together to learn more about the preservation of food.
President of the South African Women’s Agricultural Union (SAWAU), Tharina Rossel, and Elana Greyling, of the Skemer branch, visited the group with a lot of great tips. Tharina demonstrated the preserving of vegetables such as curry cabbage, curry beans and picalilly.
“Start by washing your hands. It is very important to keep everything clean. Use glass bottles with undamaged lids. Bottles must be sterilised by boiling or putting in a oven at 50 degrees. The hot food must then be placed inside the hot bottles and sealed,” Tharina explained.
Makoma Lekalakala, of Earthlife Africa, praised Tharina for recycling and teaching women how to save money and energy by preserving food in such a way. “We must reclaim our heritage, preservation, biltong and beskuit are part of our proudly South African history. We need to use this knowledge and pass it on,” Makoma said. 
Lindi Ntzwane from Gauteng told the group about their vegetable project all around Gauteng. “We are all unemployed women but we can produce food. First only for our families, then our communities and then for business.” 
Lindi and Pauline Mahakoe, also part of the vegetable project, inspired local women to start planting and producing their own vegetables. 
“Now we can grow our own food and preserve it,” Lindi said.
“The mission of the SAWAU is to enrich and empower women. This was certainly accomplished today,” said Elana. 

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