Rangers celebrated for keeping SA parks safe
08:20 (GMT+2), Fri , 02 September 2016

SANParks Honorary Rangers, Pretoria Region, recently celebrated International Rangers Day at the end of July. 
The main purpose of this international event was to pay tribute to the unsung conservation heroes, the game and field rangers, who protect South Africa’s national parks.
The public joined the celebrations and participated in a variety of fun-filled activities, entertainment and demonstrations. Visitors were treated to demonstrations on the use of dogs and drones to assist in anti-poaching operations, as well as the use of other modern technology to detect illegal activities. 
General Johan Jooste, who is in charge of the anti-poaching operations in the Kruger National Park, explained the challenges that rangers face on a daily basis to protect our wildlife. This provided insight in a day in the life of a ranger and gave visitors a better understanding of the difficult and stressful circumstances rangers and their families endure.
Entertainment lined up for the International Ranger Day celebrations included the singer, Quentin Prinsloo, a variety of games and competitive activities such as tug-of-war. The SANParks mascots taught children about conservation.
The honorary rangers are volunteers that dedicate their own time and skills to provide support in national parks. 
They make it their business to supplement various conservation, tourism and environmental education needs within SANParks. Honorary rangers receive no remuneration whatsoever for this unselfish task.
The horror of rhino poaching in particular touches the souls of every South African. The public can help in the fight against poachers by donating funds to legitimate organisations such as the SANParks Honorary Rangers. 
Donors can be assured that 100% of all financial contributions are used for conservation efforts in South African National Parks and to support projects that make a difference in the lives of SANParks anti-rhino-poaching units who take enormous risks to protect our wildlife heritage.
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