Northern KZN
Dead dog wrapped in a plastic bag
12:39 (GMT+2), Mon , 12 December 2016
Northern KZN

A dead dog wrapped in a plastic bag was discovered at Amcor Dam on November 10.
The overpowering stench of the decomposing dog, discarded among rubbish and water cabbage, was indicative of the total disregard of the sanctity of life.
Numerous attempts to report the decaying carcass to the Waste Management Department proved futile at first.
Once the department was eventually contacted, it was established that problems with the telephone lines were to blame.
The Waste Management Department undertook to remove the dog within the week.
Heather Gero of SPCA Newcastle advised the community on the hazards of disposing of dogs in an inhumane manner.
“When a dog’s body decays, it emits gases and bodily fluids that are detrimental to the environment,” she said.
An employee at the Waste Management Department said it cost a minimum of R37 to fetch a dead animal, depending on its size.
The situation becomes extremely difficult for the department to locate decomposing animal carcasses when they are discarded illegally.
The Waste Management Department can be contacted on 034-328-7724 / 26 / 27.

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